Retailers must work with Allure to develop programs around the Allure Best of Beauty/Readers' Choice program and seals. Retailers must have a Purchase Agreement in place and pay the associated licensing fees for use of Allure seals in any multi-brand campaign. A Retailer license includes use of active seals on created collateral, owned and operated platforms, such as:

  • Curated landing page on Retailer’s website
  • Email blasts
  • Homepage placements
  • Social media
  • Print and digital ad units
  • Direct mail
  • Use within a retailer’s app
  • Retailer to run ad adjacencies edit coverage - Use of the seal on ads is included in Retailer license
  • Retailer may use the award seal on all overarching themed creative.

Retailers may use the award seal on all overarching themed creative. However, use of the seal in association with an individual product (e.g. on an individual product page) requires the manufacturer to also purchase a license. 


The Retailer license is a flat fee of $10,000 for one year of seal use. Fee includes all advertising and marketing seal usage.



  • Allure seals must not be used in conjunction with any other award seals.
  • Allure seals may only be used with the award-winning product(s) and with the winning shade/color, if applicable.
  • If multiple products are being featured in advertising/marketing materials, the seal must be placed adjacent to the winning product(s).
  • International use of Allure seals is covered under a standard Purchase Agreement as long as the same approval process is followed.


  • Allure will approve mock-ups and release high-resolution seal artwork once guidelines are met and appropriate agreements are in place. Please submit to
  • A description of intended seal use is required when submitting your mock-up for approval: where, when, and in what context seal will appear, plus estimated impressions or quantities.
  • The approval process must be continued: a) throughout the term of the Purchase Agreement; b) with any revisions to approved materials; and c) on all new materials. 


  • All seals must include the year in which the award was won.
  • The red used in Allure seals must be PMS 485.
  • You may change the size of the seals at your discretion.
  • Seals cannot be translated to another language; however, the English version can be used internationally.


  • Allure seals expire after three years from the time they are awarded. (Please note: Purchase Agreements and licensing fees must be renewed annually for the duration of the three years.)
  • Once Allure seals expire, seal artwork is no longer available for licensing. If a seal's expiration date falls during a Retailer's one-year term, the Retailer may continue to use the seal until the term end date listed on the brand's Purchase Agreement.