·       Seal must not be used in conjunction with any other award seals.

·       Seal may only be used by a “Brand” in connection with the exact award-winning product(s) including the winning shade/color, if applicable.

·       If multiple products are being featured in a brand's advertising/marketing materials, the Seal must be placed adjacent to the winning product(s).

·      All mock-ups using the Material must be approved by Condé Nast/Allure. (See Seal Approvals section below.)

·       Brand shall not use a Seal other than as reflected and agreed in the Purchase Agreement.

·       For any online use, when appropriate, such use must contain a hotlink to the following website:

·       Seals may be used in all territories as set forth in the Purchase Agreement.

·       Allure logo, images, or editorial quotes may not be used in any text or creative materials without securing a separate license agreement from Conde Nast. All such usage requests should be directed to


·       Allure/Condé Nast must approve all mock-ups containing a licensed Seal and will release high-resolution seal artwork, upon approval of such use and provided appropriate agreements have been completed.

·       When submitting your mock-up for approval, you must include a description of intended Seal use, specifically: where, when, and in what context Seal will appear.

·       Any modifications to any previously approved materials require approval in each instance. 

Seal Specifications:

·       Seals must:

    • be used as originally designed (including color, font and proportions) and in its entirety;
    • include the year in which the award was given;

o   not overlay type, crop, retouch, or otherwise modify the Material (except as to size as noted below); and,

o   include the official wording as provided by Allure and in the format set forth in the Award Name section below.

·       The red used in Allure Seals must be PMS 485.

·       Provided the Seal is used in its entirety, you may adjust the size of the Seal at your discretion.

·       Seals are available only in the English language worldwide.

Seal Expiration:

·       Allure Seals expire after three years from the date they are awarded. (Please note: Purchase Agreements and licensing fees must be renewed annually for the duration of the three years.) Allure seals cannot be licensed beyond 3 years from the date the product received an award.

·       The term of each license expires upon the later of the brand’s license to use the Seal or the expiration of the term of the Purchase Agreement. All use of the Seal must then immediately be ceased.

Award Name:

Allure does not charge a separate licensing fee for referencing the award name in text; however, Allure must approve all text mentions and Brand should use the following format as a guideline mentioning an Allure award in text:

  • Example: 2018 Allure Best of Beauty Award, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Best Gradual Self-Tanner

Award Plaques:

Award Plaques are available for purchase separately, please contact for more information.